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Faint Glow


Sadness welcomes a lift

For surely it wishes a

Return to joy.

When will Joy rise again?

To take its flight

across time

To create laughter

once again?

For Laughter breaks into

A gathering of tears

And creates

A salty smile.

The smile, always

The smile.

It is witness

To a gladdened heart

An exquisite expression

Of reborn joy.


the depths of sadness

The burden of a broken heart


Lift from

The remorse of things

Not having gone

So well.

Our hearts seek to fly

Across the passage

Of time.

To relief from pain.

Yet wisdom weighs in

Slowing the path of healing

To do its perfect work

To weave the balm of healing

Within the dark strains

Of sadness

To brighten our story

With joy triumphant

To let us laugh again

To make our smile possible.

To gladden our memories with


On past recovery,

Stories that ended well

To gladden not only

Our heart

But also the hearts of

those in our path.


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