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Faint Glow

Hard To Believe

Authors Comment:

All my life I have wondered about faith. I have shared it and been embarrassed about it,

Believed in it and doubted it, but I have never been able to toss it!

So, I wrote this poem hoping to express my intimate and forever relationship with Christ.

I hope it resonates with some and helps them to embrace what I consider to be God’s greatest gift in this life.......

Hard to Believe

It is hard to believe

And, therefore,


A love so great

That it covers every failing,

Perfects all things.

Making the desires of the heart


Faith is given,

Not attained.

Yet life must grind us

Before faith can find us

Small enough to embrace it.

It starts as a paltry gift,

It appears as magic

in our child mind.

Like a baby at birth

It is weak, yet precious,

Full of possibility.

In struggle and pain

Faith begins to gain

A foothold in the

Human spirit

A wish, a prayer, a yearning.

So you hold on. You wait.

The gift of our belief

Is wrapped in unbelief

Tested by doubt.

Until it faces life’s fury

It cannot stand in the light.

This is faith’s path:

To grow through

Santa, the easter bunny,

A sermon’s promise,

Prayers for a dying

gold fish.

Then, after much

Failing, flailing

Wishing, wailing and


Tearing our heart.

And Silence from above.

In disappointment of wishes,

Darkness of soul,

Through the rising of wisdom

We grope on.

In painful moments

Fear asks

“Will I make it?”

Faith answers

“You can take it.”

Moving ahead our

Believing grows.


Must happen,

What must we face?

And take?

Our faith to make?

The sheer terror of

Desperately needing

A miracle,

A Shattered will,

A giving up and giving in,

Hope against hope.

When darkness is fullest

The latter miracles

can begin.

When we are humbled,

Able to experience awe,

We sense we did nothing at all

To make our miracles happen.

Over time we find

A Peace that passes


It Is so outstanding

To believe with

The eyes of faith

In a world where

Seeing is believing.

Careful for nothing,

Casting out fear,

Loving Him who can

Bring strength near

This is believing’s glory.

This is living in the clear.


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