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Faint Glow

Hiding Like Monkeys

Author’s comment:

I wrote this when feeling hopeless about connecting with someone I love very much. Have you ever felt like I felt in this poem? It is not the end of my story. It gets much better.

”It’s never too late!”

There is a magnificent God waiting for the perfect moment to turn on the lights for each of us!

Hiding Like Monkeys

Sometimes trying

To connect with someone

Is like walking up

A steep and slippery hill

To a building

With no windows or doors.

I’ve tried to love her

As best I could

I’ve tried to love her

The worst I could

How many homes Are just a quiet place

To be alone

To feel our pain

To wish for for something better

To blame our others

For not loving better

To find our little escapes

Hiding like monkeys

Swinging in trees


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