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Faint Glow

When it’s a conversation and not a prayer......

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

A prayer is for far away

A conversation is for close

Where you want to be .....

When you need a favor

When your heart clamors for touch

But touch doesn’t work

When no one else knows and

And you need to whisper

To someone

When no one is there

To kiss away your tears

When laying down

Gives you no rest

When mourning is black

And no one has your back

When the sun rises

And you stay on your back

When anger is at your doorstep

Waiting to take you away

From those you love

And hurt those who need you

What would heal your soul

Make you whole

Storming heaven is

Swelling with leaven

Mary’s quiet request

Birthed His public miracles

When you whisper to Him

Quietly in your bed

Will He not give you

Greater than the things

Of which you dream?

Might He answer your whispers

In the night

With the gentle calming

You give your own babies?

Might He teach you to wait

When later secret gifts

Are worth waiting for?

Might the Mighty One

You approach this way

Instead of saying no

Always speak of better

Than you think or ask?

Might your wondrous conversing

Begin reversing

The smallness of you mind

The poverty of your expectations

The weariness of your soul?

Might these quiet conversations

Bleed into your other relationships

People you love

Who need to converse with

Him like you!

Might your joy in this intimacy

Lead you to let Him have his way

Hesitantly first

Then more often with confidence such that

Your wisdom some day

Lets Him have his way

Oh, happy Day

This will be the day

When your every prayer

Bathed in the expectation

Of his wise purpose

Is perfectly answered

And then you will

Bask in the comfort

Of His comfort

Protecting you from your



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