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Faint Glow

Jesus the flying door

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

John 10:7 “I am the door”.

This verse in John is the ground meaning the poem is trying to communicate. God is everywhere we go. His knowledge and wisdom is active at every point in our lives. He goes before us, even when we go the wrong way. He knows we take the wrong path at times. He never leaves us or forsakes us. In His wisdom He sometimes lets us find our foolishness in the paths we take. He comes and finds His lost sheep and brings them to the right path. He is the doorway to the paths of righteousness.

Jesus The Flying Door

​Jesus is the Flying door. He graces us, He comes our way Many times a day. Ever bump Your head on a door? That was Jesus The flying door! To wake you to Your thoughts! Ever stub your toe On a door? That was Jesus Flying low To let you know He’s back! To Watch you dance and Reset your path! Ever feel a door Hit you On your back side? That was Jesus The fly’in door saying “Go, run away” The devil’s attack Will send you a runn’in Jack! Don’t you know? The devil does My dirty work He is my Mayhem buddy! I created him you know. He’s a sifter He’s a drifter An enemy pilot With lots of fire. ​Oh, but forget Me not


I am the fly’in door!

I am the Before

And the After

Of everything!

I put you in

This house of mirrors

To find your way

To me!

Do you See “you” here?

Do you See “you” there?

Do you See “you”

everywhere instead

Of Me?

Are you sick of seeing

“you” as the center

Of it all? You will,

Before its over.

Hear me knocking


My door appears.

And it will appear.

Especially for you!

Many times!

I will accept you

Heal your mess

Dry your tear.

I am here

I am YOUR door.

Do you remember

My active play

In your life?

I want to play with you.

I am not the

Door of preachers

False teachers

Who told you that you

Had to knock.

I am the one who


Not you!

I am NOT the door

That YOU must find.

I am the flying door

And I fly TO you.

I am the door made of

A stump of wood

I bore for your good.

I meant not the harm

Evil teachers lie about

A HELL for you?


I am the door that flies

To you!

The magic carpet ride of grace

I am!

I am the door that

Finds you.

I am the hound

Of heaven

Who never lets you


Until you rest in me.


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