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Faint Glow

Try Not To Hate

Do not despise

If you wish to rise.

There is a place

Where you belong

Where you are not wrong

To love.

Though the journey is long

And the shades of night

Are dark.

You will come to where the light is.

You then will not wish to fight

Or be right.

You will nod your head

More often

In understanding.

You will smile

As you walk each day

Seeing the way that leads

Not to a victory that crushes

but to a peace that has found

A better way.

You will wait for victory

And it will be yours.

Because you saw that

The battle was

not yours to win.

We were born on

this battlefield

During a war

that started long ago.

We don’t own this war.

Yet we must stand in it

Only to be rescued

When we can take no more.

Try not to hate

And you will be lifted

You will be gifted

By the truth that

Makes you free.


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